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  Xi’an jutong Electrical automation equipment Engineering Co.,Ltd. is a professional to provide automation control and electrical drive solutions for the main business, system integration, project implementation, OEM customer solutions and support, Siemens industrial products sales and maintenance, services for the integrated automation high-tech enterprises.

  Our main agent of industrial products are as follows:

1, S7-1500 new series PLC, AS410/S7-300/S7-400/S7-1200/S7-200SMART/S7-200/S7-200CN series PLC, LOGO! Logic controller
2, the new Portal (TIA STEP7/WinCC/Startdrive), PCS7, STEP7, WinCC and other industrial control software
3, refined wisdom, streamlined and wonderful series of human-computer interface, IPC3000Smart, Panel-PC and other industrial control machine series
4, network switches, network communications products and SITOP, and other types of power products
5, G120 full series, MM420/430/440 series of general purpose inverter, V20 converter, V90 servo inverter
6, S120 series of engineering type inverter, SM120, G130, G150 and other SIEMENS series inverter cabinet
7, 6KV, 10KV and other series of ROBICON medium voltage inverter
8, 6RA80, 6RA70, 6RM70 series DC speed regulating device and a cabinet
9, 1LE0, 1LA, 1LG, 1PH7, 1PQ, 1GG and other series DC motor, variable frequency motor speed
10, low-voltage electrical products: CP, PD, LP series and 3RW series soft starter
11, 6SN, 6SC, 6FX, 6FC and other numerical control, servo drive products
12, 6DS, 6DR, 6DP, 7MH and other instruments, weighing products
13, V50 fan, water pump frequency control cabinet, PLUS A-COMPACT medium voltage motor
14, the series of spare parts: S5, Simadyn-D, AS and other TDC series of spare parts, 6SE70, 6SE71 series of engineering type inverter and inverter cabinet and its spare parts, 6SY, 6SX, 7VV and other high and low voltage transmission products and spare parts